Main Gallery

Yin Lvl 1

Star Level:  ☆☆☆

Rarity:  Rare

Energy Cost: 10

HP: Base - 2280

Power: Base - 1780

Max Limit Break: 3

Spell: Ninjitsu: Whirl Slice - With more cards of [Skyrage College] in the group, Power increases by a larger margin.

College: Dragonale College

Illustrator: OctSky


Yin Lvl 30 Ult Form

Intro: Yin is a noble princess of a powerful tribe, and her family is one of the 12 Consortiums, so she is enthusiastic. Nevertheless, she is glad to be an assistant.

Ultimate Form

Level: 30 / 60

HP: 4460 / 

Power: 3460 / 


  • The same character can be chosen to appear on the home screen and give in-game tips (in the form of Frost-Yin). However, unlike the protagonists, her card is not given automatically.
  • Yin's outfit and colour palette resembles that of Korean Vocaloid SeeU.

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