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Walee Level 1 (Flash)

Star Level: ☆

Rarity: Normal

Energy Cost: 4

HP: Base - 1140 / 1254(Flash)

Power: Base - 640 / 704(Flash)

Max Limit Break: 3

Spell: Water/Backdraft - Possibly restores 10 Energy when winning a battle.

College: Godef College

Illustrator: Asia Minor Dancer

Intro:  Naughty Walee is able to wield the elements of metal and water but she has not yet been skillful. Now she is only skillful in making metal rusty and she is pretty proud of this skill.   


Ultimate Walee Level 14(Flash)

Obtain: Kindness Draw, Normal Infector drop. 

Ultimate Form 

Level: 14/14 (Flash)/ 40/40(Flash)

HP:  1650 /1815 (Flash) 3200 / 3520 (Flash)

Power: 1490 /1639 (Flash) 2700 / 2970 (Flash)

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