Main Gallery

Toto Lvl 1

Star-level: ☆☆☆☆☆


Toto Flash Lvl 90

Rarity:  Super Rare

Energy Cost: 23

Limit Break: 0/4

HP: Base - 4330 / 4763 (Flash)

Power: Base - 4720 / 5192 (Flash)

Spell: When the player has less than 50% HP remaining, restores 200% of the card's HP.

College: Godef College

Illustrator: spirtie

Intro: Toto is able to wield infrasonic waves to inflict massive damage to creatures. While she is speaking or singing, the common human beings nearby cannot sense infrasonic waves at all, then she can kill them easily.

Obtain: Ranking reward for Final Test event

Ultimate Form

Level: 50 / 90 / 50 (Flash) / 90 (Flash)

HP: 9120 / 18600 / 10032 / 20460

Power: 6750 / 14000 / 7425 / 15400


Not to be confused with Top-Tooto.

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