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Tilbury Level 1

Ultimate Tilbury Level 50

Ultimate Tilbury Level 50

Star Level: ☆☆☆☆☆

Rarity: Super Rare

Energy Cost: 20

HP: Base - 7754

Power: Base - 4753

Max Limit Break: 4

Spell: Shadow/Arrow of Light- Increases Power by 100% when card's level cannot go up anymore.

College: Infector

Illustrator: Sir 47

Intro: Even the angel may be a bad guy. After being infected by X substance, Tilburry is no longer that gentle or sweet.

Obtain: Defeat her during 'The Hidden Crisis' event.

Ultimate Form

Level: 50 / 90

Power: 17497 / 31011

HP: 10724 / 19007

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