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Sasa Level 1

Ultimate Sasa Level 60 (Flash)

Ultimate Sasa Level 60 (Flash)

  Star Level:  ☆☆☆☆☆☆

Rarity:  Super Rare+

Energy Cost: 24 

HP: 7747 / 8522 (Flash)

Power: 5959 / 6555 (Flash)

Max Limit Break: 

Spell: Wind/Shadow Change - Restores 100% of card's HP when the card's level cannot go up anymore. 

College: Godef College

Illustrator: king

Intro: Sasa has over two special abilities, but she is too young to stabilize the abilities. A cute wand is for her to use her abilities stably.

Obtain: Event Points ranking reward during the Campus Carnival event.

Ultimate Form

Level: 60 / 60 (Flash) / 100 / 100 (Flash)

HP: 21507 / 23658 / 35582 / 39140

Power: 16544 / 18198 / 27371 / 30108

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