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Sanny - Lv 1

Sanny Level 1

Sanny - Lvl 35 (Ultimate Form)

Ultimate Sanny Level 35

Star Level: ☆☆☆☆

Rarity: Rare+

Energy Cost: 11 

HP: Base - 3080

Pow: Base - 3370

Max Limit Break: 4

Spell: #Ultimate Cannon - If the player is a member of [Skyrage College], Power increases by 100%. 

College: Skyrage College 

Illustrator: spirtie

Intro: Sanny is not only a student but also a battle pilot. She is still very young, but she has been skillful in driving battleships, aeroboats and mobile machines. It's said she is a fighting clone and she has been carrying out an undercover mission assigned by the Army in the college, but various files show she is merely a common new-style human being.

Obtain: Coupon Draw, Super Draw, Greater Draw, Normal Infector drop (rare), Berserk Infector drop.

Ultimate Form

Level: 35 / 70

HP: 6250 / ??

Pow: 6820 / ??


Not to be confused with Santty.

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