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Rayill Lvl 1

Star Level: ☆☆☆☆☆

Rarity:  Super Rare

Energy Cost: 16

HP: Base - 4860 

Power: Base - 3830 

Spell: #Exterminate - As the card's level goes up, Power increases by a large margin.

College: Skyrage

Illustrator: LifeFire

Intro: Rayill would rather prefer sword but not gun, So she has used X substances to improve her electromagnetic sword. She can be very agile once she takes off her armor.

Obtain: Super Draw, Greater Draw, Berserk Infectors, Draw by Coupons


Rayill Lvl 50 Ult Form

Ultimate Form

Level: 50 / 90

HP: 8640 / 17900

Pow: 10190 / 17300


Not to be confused with Rayllian.

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