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Pandora Level 1


Ultimate Pandora Level 16

Star Level: ☆☆

Rarity: Normal+

Energy Cost: 4

HP: Base - 580 / 638 (Flash)

Power: Base - 1070 / 1177 (Flash)

Max Limit Break: 4

Spell: Shadow/Drain Vigor - Power increases by 20%

College: Godef College

Illustrator: Martin

Intro: Pandora has to make use of sound waves to take action because of her own poor eyesight. She is good at detecting anything including the unstable X substances. She is able to hear many words that she does not like to hear such as some secrets.

Obtain: Kindness Draw, Normal Infector drop, Exploration in some Common and Daily zones.

Ultimate Form

Level: 19 / 19 (Flash) / 50 / 50 (Flash)

HP: 1280 / 1404 / 4000 / 4400

Power: 1710 / 1881 / 3800 / 4180

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