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Mensall Lvl 1

Star Level:  ☆ ☆

Rarity:  Normal +

Energy Cost: 9

HP: Base - 1630

Power: Base - 1490

Max Level: 20

Spell: During 6:00am and 20:00pm, Power increases by 150%.

College: Dragonale

Illustrator: OctSky

Intro: Mensall has been pampered since childhood. She always likes to make a difference. Even her weapon is completely different from other people's. She often frankly said she hated to be the same as anybody else. Her bad temper can often annoy teammates, so her teachers often want to punish her.


Obtain: Kindness Draw, Berserk Infector drop.

Ultimate Form:

Lvl: 20/ 50 (Flash)

HP: 3260 / 5830

POW: 4000 / 6160

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