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Kaelyn Level 1

Ultimate Kaelyn Level 40

Ultimate Kaelyn Level 40

Star Level: ☆☆☆☆

Rarity: Rare+

Energy Cost: 16 

HP: Base - 3100

Power: Base - 3000

Max Limit Break: 3

Spell: Gorgeous: Colored Lash - Power increases by 100%. 

College: Dragonale College 

Illustrator: Rem

Intro: Kaelyn has been sent to assassinate certain persons here and there. She is able to make use of stardust to strengthen her body, so few people are able to wound her. She is an excellent assassinator, but accepted the assassination mission only for finding her younger sister.

Obtain: Defeat her during Date of Dragonale event.

Ultimate Form

Level: 40 / 70

HP: 6200 /

Power: 5800 /

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