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Isami Level 1

Star Level: ☆☆☆☆☆

Rarity: Super Rare

Energy Cost: 14 

HP: Base - 5010

Power: Base - 3510

Max Limit Break: 4

Spell: Restores more HP when the player has less HP. 

College: Dragonale College 

Illustrator: Catree

Intro: Isami does get well along with his family mainly because he thinks his family cannot understand him. Maybe nobody can really understand him. You see, he is a student of the Dragonale College, but he often carries a gun.

Isami Ultimate

Ultimate Isami Level 40

Ultimate Form:

Level: 40 / 90

HP: 9710 / 19400

Power: 5070 / 12500


Not to be confused with the 6-Star Wish version, Florid-Isami.

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