Group Spells are a bonus you get when you have certain cards in your deck, this bonus can apply to HP, Power or both and it activates at the beginning of each battle.

In order to activate a Group Spell you need the proper cards in the active card group (Deck), and in some times, in the same sub group. 

You can see the active Group Spells you have in the Card Center screen under the Group Spell section.


Group Spell section

General Group Spells

The minimum requirement for each group varies from each group and can be activated with any combination of the listed cards:

Group Spells
Name Card quantity Cards Effect
Fast Group 4 Any cards from any college Increased HP
Princess Group 6

Any Female Card, Saku, Alex, MillerFunch Brothers

Exceptions: Ivan

Increased HP
Dragonale Group 4 Any from Dragonale College Increased HP
Skyrage Group 4 Any from Skyrage College Increased HP
Godef Group 4 Any from Godef College Increased HP
Sprite Group 6 Any from the Infector Group Increased HP
Prince Group 6

Any male card, IvanDeath Vanguard III, Ares, Byzol, NoahRheaTaowu, Roger & KidsGhoul King Ronger

Exceptions: Miller, Alex, Saku, Funch Brothers

Increased HP
Swordplay & Strength 4 BabarolinNancy, Keddie, Alex, Top-SilziiLinbill, Rives, Roger & kids, Shaffle, Tong, Almu, Rayme, Yosa, Cinderella, Kargacy, Lula, Ponpon, Santty, Reddy, Aron, Linsin, Rafael, Ghoul King Ronger, Deceptive-Darcy, Alina, Mina, Yanhao, Hayal, Nanasin, Hellein, Agatha, Lin, ChelseaHeluga, MariaYin, Cloudsong, Shelly, Manto, Yegen, Chushi, Novelli , Taka , Miller, Isami , Canpa, LydiaSelinaBanny DitelSinmanTop-LoyinLilian, Frost-Yin, Melipal, Balbu, Ming, Inname, Mia, Bryony, Jesha, Sinus, Rabbit Roger, Tuye, Jenny, Alfex, Tanchan, Saku, Domino, Loch, Jaquea, Pandora, Tracy, Tiff, Jilan, Altin, Eugene, Sophia, Sirius, Tarnas, Popo, Veronica, Lincom, Linzi, Zensen, Dondon, Vicsen, Natiya, Marcela, Delicia, Moye, Quejil, Silron Increased Power
Mechanic & Strength 4 IvanMensall, Sarfan, Meikon, Susa, Minnian, ReeManas, Kaelyn, Themo Sisters, Allita, WankaAnsinta, Yankean, Ralph, PeggieLear, Reme, Milco, Suwan, Sidowa, Yamol, Byzol, Summery-Honlan, Mossi, Walee, Geal, HesseDubhe, Mercury, Snow, Rance, Keane, Anna, Cesar, Icey, Urian, Cassiopeia, Yassin, Kelli, Dorris, Hanna, Rayllian, Roxanne, GiluluSusanna, Wasaqi, Noriah, Daedalus, Bather, LeilaShspacecrafteyGalemi, Ryunnian, Summery-Kiwi, Sharloo, Moris, Number 7, HeakesValentina, Kasalin, Roger Will, Collin, Jerrin, Aphrodite, Deceptive-Redding, Frost-Kellen, Jeco, SaviaFunch Brothers, Jeco, Savia, Pepe, Tanny, Mandy Lissy, Coco, Bapelope, Yurin, Sinpal, Solmon, Dinah, Rill,Yel, Mabel, Vevetin, WoosiSasa, Ultimate Sirius, Yanyin, Revived-Camuel, SkylarkLimit Break Sirius Increased Power
Mechanic & Strength 4 HanasNagsos, Chalin, LoyinSiseya, Raywee, Daisy, Mistri, Lily, Alice, Adeline, Death Vanguard III, Camuel, Cimel, WoozillThuleTattagliaYetsenLorene, Friederich, NoahYoyo, Nakalon, Ares, Pedra, Aron, Zuyle, Sanny, Monil, Mulee, Charlotte, SentinAngela, Linlu, Lonsil, Arsenal, Zizi, Rhea, Sonia, Marta, Rayill, Deloni, Leenmel, Ranzil, Ail & LeenHochi, Eve, Tanton, Lulu, Sibyl, SaryinDomonsi, Rawee, Sumas, CarolineRangelDury, Sibyl, LuciaSiupol, MuiseShafel, Lucretia, Yiye, Louchin, SharleeEolly, Thicks, Ura, Super Sirius, Helene, Elaine, CODE-23, Ziween, Lois, Taowu, Hartings, Perfect-Shaw,  OletteTinis, TiniTanton, Florence, Fansin Increased Power

Note: Don't mistake both Mechanic & Strength spells, even if the effect is the same, the cards used in each one are different and can not be combined with the ones of the other same name spell. Also, while in the card description Ivan is referred as she, it's not part of the Princess grup but in the Prince instead.

Event Group Spells

Event Group Spells are spells activated with the cards gotten from an event, these spells still work even when the event has ended.

Event Group Spells
Name Card quantity Cards Effect
Magical Power 2 Allita, Tattaglia Increases Power by 10%
Dark Stamina 2 Marta, Aron Increases HP by 10%
Burning Sun 2 Ail & Leen, Summery-Phillia

Increases Power and HP by 10%

Vision 2 Siupol, Ginrill Increases Power and HP by 20%
Ocean Wave 2 Sonia, Summery-Honlan Increases HP by 10%
Fantastic Mood 2 KargacyAlmu Increases Power and HP by 10%
Cooperation 2 Thule, Lilian Increases Power and HP by 20%
Toughness 2 Rafael, Sonia Increases HP by 10%
Breakthrough 2 Altin, Lucretia Increases Power by 20%
Armour 2 Yetsen, Lucia Increases HP by 20%
Spur 2 Themo Sisters, Elaine Increases HP by 10%
Moon Carnival 2 Roger & Kids, Rayme Increases Power and HP by 20%
Moonlight 2 Shafel, Caroline Incresaes Power by 20%
Ice Sword 2 Ura, Galemi Increases HP by 10%
Soar 2 Tong, Ghoul King Ronger Increases Power and HP by 20%
Brother & Sister 2 Shaffle, Sharloo Increases Power by 20%
Genetic Modification 2 Taowu, Top-Loyin Increases HP by 10%
Troublemaker 2 Susan, Deceptive-Darcy Increases Power and HP by 20%
Pumpkin Pie 2 Bapelope, Muise Increases Power and HP by 10%
Candy Stealer 2 Ponpon, Deceptive-Redding Increases HP by 10%
Shockstar 2 Sinpal, Yel Increases Power and HP by 20%
Energy Storage 2 Dury, Heakes Increases HP by 20%
Dark Force 2 Jerrin, Number 7 Increases Power by 10%
Absolute Power 2 Perfect-Shaw, Top-Silzii Increases Power and HP by 20%
Well-rounded 2 Olette, Top-Tooto Increases Power and HP by 10%
Inaction 2 Tanton, Veronica Increases HP by 10%
Dancing Pace 2 Urgyen, Lincom Increases Power and HP by 20%
Suyama 2 Yurin, Tini Increases Power and HP by 10%
Angel 2 Vivian, Michelle Increases HP by 10%
Starry Box 2 Chris, Silron Increases Power and HP by 20%
Xmas Angel 2 Siupol(Christmas) , Sumas Increases Power and HP by 10%
Eve Snow 2 Natiya, Vicsen Increases HP by 10%
Leer Penalty 2 Vevetin, Yiye Increases Power and HP by 20%
Star Dancing 2 Ankyo, Curie Increases Power and HP by 10%
Basketball Shot 2 Lulu, Savia Increases HP by 10%
Dynamic 2 Woosi, Moye Increases Power and HP by 20%
Vanguard 2 Quejil, Delicia Increases Power and HP by 10%
Adoration 2 Nightsky-Leeyin, Pepe Increases HP by 10%
Reincarnation 2 Sandra, Yumi Increases Power and HP by 20%
Light of Hope 2 Fiona, Melissa Increases Power and HP by 10%
Spring Dawn 2 Shay, Nanali Increases HP by 10%
Heart Rain 2 Lovely-Susa, Rives (Event) Increases HP and Power by 10%
Thought 2 Sweet-Cinderella, Chinlan Increases HP and Power by 20%
Heart Shell 2 Rina, Helenna Increases HP by 10%
Silver Wing 2 Bartlemy, Florid-Isami Increases HP and Power by 10%
Spring Celebration 2 Chinwa, Molson Increases HP and Power by 20%
Angel 2 Beryl, Yawa Increases HP by 10%