Event Infectors for Glory Days


Flash (Point) Draw Cards - Linbill, Domonsi and Selina

'Glory Days' is an Exploration Event which ran from August 16th 2014 to September 1st 2014. This event is the first to feature a pre-existing , non-exclusive card as one of the Flash (Points) Draw cards.


The following infectors can be obtained during this event while exploring the event zone:

August 16th - August 23rd: Arsenal and Pedra

August 24th - September 1st: Leenmel and Death Vanguard III

Event Exclusive Drawing Cards

The following cards can be obtained during this event through Flash (Point) Draw, Coupon Draw, and Greater Draw:

5 Star Level: Domonsi and Selina

6 Star Level: Linbill

Selina is one of the starter cards first received when the player signs up. Here, she is offered as a Flash card when drawn with Points.


In addition to the other card mentioned, the following cards are also obtainable with certain amounts of event points.

15000 event point reward: CODE-23

Ranking event reward: Cinderella


Literally nobody will remember the names of the zones and/or the AP cost soo I'm just gonna leave this blank. If you somehow do know, feel free to fill it in!

  • Zone name 1
    • Subzone 1: AP cost
    • Subzone 2: AP cost
  • Zone name 2
    • Subzone 1: AP cost

and so on for however many zones, subzones etc

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