Main Gallery
Evolved-Coni Level 1

Evolved-Coni Level 1

Ultimate Evolved-Coni Level 50

Ultimate Evolved-Coni Level 50

Star Level: ☆☆☆☆☆☆

Rarity: Super Rare+

Energy Cost: 24

Hp: Base - 8792

Power: Base - 5388

Max Limit Break: 5

Spell: #Avenge - When the player has less than 50% HP remaining, Power increases by 200%.

College: Infector

Illustrator: Sir 47

Intro: Coni has great complaint of the accident that made her an infector.

Obtain: Ranking event reward card from 'The Hidden Crisis' event.

Ultimate Form

Level: 50 / 100

Hp: 20059 / 39134

Power: 12295 / 23985

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