Energy is a resource in Star Era. It is indicated by the red bar on the player information widget in the upper left corner. The maximum capacity for Energy is 600 points. This cap cannot currently be raised. Energy regenerates at a rate of one point per minute, thus it takes 10 hours to fill a completely empty Energy bar. Energy may also be regenerated through the use of daily free energy restore attempts and Greater Energy Restore Potions, which will regenerate Energy equal to your Command statistic. Lesser Energy Restore Potions will restore half of your Command in Energy per use, and may be used up to five times per day. Energy may also be generated through Explore actions.

Using Energy Edit

Energy is used to fight Infectors and Hunters. Each combat will deplete an amount of energy equal to your group's total cost, as seen by hovering over the group's indicator tile on the combat screen. After combat, Experience will be generated equal to Cost/Command * 100. Thus, if you are using your maximum Command to execute an attack, you will generate 100 experience. If you use half of your command in an attack, you will only generate 50 experience.

As a consequence of this, it can sometimes be more experience-effective for players that rely on passive resource generation to maintain a relatively low Command level, as Energy will still cap at 600 and combats will provide more experience per point spent. This will limit the effectiveness of Energy potions, however.

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