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Edison Level 1

Edison ult

Ultimate Edison Level 15

Star Level:  ☆

Rarity:  Normal

Energy Cost: 3

HP: Base - 650 / 715 (Flash)

Power: Base - 460 / 506 (Flash)

Max Limit Break: 3

Spell: #Overpower - Power increases by 20%.

College: Skyrage College

Illustrator: OctSky

Intro: Edison is quite naught and stubborn. He was once nearly infected by X substances. Since then, he has been studying hard about how to protect himself from X substances.

Obtain: Normal Infector Drop, Exploration in some Common and Daily zones.

Ultimate Form

Level: 15 / 40

HP: 1150 / 1265 (Flash) 2700 / 2970 (Flash)

Power: 850 / 935 (Flash) 2100 / 2310 (Flash)

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