Flash (Point) Draw event exclusive cards featuring Almu, Thule and Kargacy


Event Infectors banner


Exclusive card groups for the event

'Date of Dragonale' is an Exploration Event which ran from August 1st 2014 to August 15th 2014. This event is the first to follow the exact format which is consistent with exploration events following this one.


The following infectors can be obtained during this event while exploring the event zone:

August 1st - August 7th: Lilian and Linlu

August 8th - August 15th: Alina and Kaelyn

Event Exclusive Drawing Cards

The following cards can be obtained during this event through Flash (Point) Draw, Coupon Draw, and Greater Draw:

5 Star Level: Thule, Kargacy

6 Star Level: Almu

Group Spells

Using certain cards exclusive to this event in combination allows for the following spells to be activated:

Fantastic Mood: (Kargacy, Almu) increases Power and HP by 10%

Cooperation: (Thule, Lilian) increases Power and HP by 20%

Toughness: (Rafael, Sonia) increases HP by 10%


In addition to the other card mentioned, the following cards are also obtainable with certain amounts of event points.

15000 event point reward: Rafael

Ranking event reward: Keddie


Literally nobody will remember the names of the zones and/or the AP cost soo I'm just gonna leave this blank. If you somehow do know, feel free to fill it in!

  • Zone name 1
    • Subzone 1: AP cost
    • Subzone 2: AP cost
  • Zone name 2
    • Subzone 1: AP cost

and so on for however many zones, subzones etc

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