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Cooling-Lear info

Cooling-Lear Level 1

Star Level: ☆☆☆☆☆

Rarity: Super Rare

Energy Cost: 22

HP: Base - 4400 / 4840 (Flash)

Power: Base - 4700 / 5170 (Flash)

Spell: When the player has higher maximum AP, Power increases by a larger margin.

College: Skyrage College

Illustrator: Chingo Muyi

Intro: Lear's endurance is rather poor especially in Summer. Once upon a time, when keeping standing in the sun for a while, he calmly pretended he was about to melt entirely, but Mina argued his level of adrenaline went up because he had seen too many hot girls.

Ultimate Cooling-Lear Level 60 (Flash)

Obtain: Point Draw (Flash), Coupon Draw, and Greater Draw from Bikini Girls Event.

Ultimate Form

Level: 50 / 50 (Flash) / 90 / 90 (Flash)

HP: 9250 / 10175 (Flash) / 16000 / 17600 (Flash)

Power: 9900 / 10890 (Flash) / 20000 / 22000 (Flash)

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