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Cinderella Level 1


Ultimate Cinderella Level 50 (Flash)

Star Level: ☆☆☆☆☆

Rarity:  Super Rare

Energy Cost: 18 

HP: Base - 4510 / 4961 (Flash)

Power: Base - 4130 / 4543 (Flash) 

Max Limit Break:

Spell: #Magic Butterfly - Increases power by 200% when fighting against an [Infector]. 

College: Skyrage College 

Illustrator: Sherry

Intro: Cinderella is a student, but she has seldom appeared in college. It's mainly because she is a popular star in the spacecraft. People think she was born in a noble family, but she is actually the only daughter of a housemaid who has been serving a noble family.

Obtain: Event Ranking Reward for Glory Days event.

Ultimate Form

Level: 50 / 50 (Flash) / 90 / 90 (Flash)

HP: 7400 / 8140 / 17710 / 18810

Power: 9440 / 10384 / 16900 / 18590


Not to be confused with her 6-Star version, Sweet-Cinderella, from a later event.

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