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Chinwa Level 1 (Flash)

Chinwa Level 1 (Flash)

Ultimate Chinwa Level 60 (Flash)

Ultimate Chinwa Level 60 (Flash)

Star Level:  ☆☆☆☆☆☆

Rarity: Super Rare + 

Energy Cost: 26 

HP: Base - 7809 / 8590 (Flash) 

Power: Base - 7502 / 8252 (Flash) 

Max Limit Break:

Spell: #Courageous - with more cards in battle, restores more HP. 

College: Dragonale College 

Illustrator: Adam.J 

Intro: Chinwa believes that body is the essential weapon, which should be improved repeatedly. Her fighting ability has reached a new high degree after persistent practice.  

Obtain: Point Draw (Flash), Super Draw, Greater Draw during the Beauty Pageant Event. 

Ultimate Form

Level: 60 / 60 (Flash) / 100 / 100 (Flash) 

HP: 22469 (Flash) / 32946 

Power: 21588 (Flash) / 31654 

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