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Cecelia level 1 (Flash)

Ultimate Cecelia Level 60

Ultimate Cecelia Level 60

Star Level:  ☆☆☆☆☆☆

Rarity: Super Rare+ 

Energy Cost: 25

HP: Base 6615 / 7277 (Flash)

Power: Base 6884 / 7572 (Flash) 

Max Limit Break: 

Spell: Dazzling: Ray of Light- Power Increases by 50%. 

College: Godef College 

Illustrator: FlowerSpring 

Intro: Cecelia is good at spiritual control, but she just could not control herself. Thus she will try her best to revise the memory of others so they can't remember seeing her angry look. 

Obtain: Ranking event reward card from 'Beauty Pageant' event, Draw Bonus card from 'Star Era Anniversary

Ultimate Form

Level: 60/60 (Flash) 100/100 (Flash) 

HP: 18456/ /34286 (Flash) 

Power: 19209/ /35686 (Flash) 

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