There are many types of events available to participate in. This page will give a brief overview of the types of events, as well as the rewards obtainable and a list of all events past and present below.

Event Type

There are currently two main types of events that happen regularly.

Exploration Events

Exploration events are the main type of events on Star Era, taking place twice a month, lasting approximately 15 days each. They consist of 14 zones (7 duplicates), with smaller sub-zones within each, and are usually exclusive to the specific event period. The first seven zones (marked with a '1' on the end of the zone name, e.g. West Den 1) have less subzones, and thus requires less AP to clear than the following seven zones (marked with a '2' on the end of the zone name, e.g. West Den 2), which have roughly 9 subzones per zone. It is through this type of event that the Event Rewards (mentioned below) can be obtained.

World Boss Events

The World Boss is changed monthly, with certain Point Draw cards (see below) dealing more damage (2x, 3x and 4x) than other cards. Players are ranked according to the amount of damage dealt to the world boss, which will determine the reward pack they receive. The reward rankings are as follows:

  • Rank 1: 2x Super Random Pack
  • Rank 2 - 10: 1x Super Random Pack, 1x Greater Random Pack
  • Rank 11 - 50: 2x Greater Random Pack
  • Rank 51 - 100: 1x Greater Random Pack, 1x Medium Random Pack
  • Rank 101 - 300: 2x Medium Random Pack
  • Rank 301 - 600: 1x Medium Random Pack
  • Rank 601 - 1000: 1x Lesser Random Pack

Greater and Super Random Packs have high chances of receiving 6* Cards as rewards, as well as Ultimate Sirius cards, Card Maximums, Greater AP/Energy Resets, etc, while Lesser and Medium Random Packs have high chances of receiving 5* Cards, Coins and Kindness, etc.

Players can also spend coins and Inspiration Potions, which will increase the amount of damage dealt to the World Boss, and consequently improve the rewards they receive.

Event Rewards

During each event, there are certain cards which are exclusive to the event period and can be obtained in a number of different ways. Below are the main ways through which exclusive cards can be obtained.

Event Infector Cards

Not to be confused with actual Infector-classed cards. Four infectors can be obtained during each event, with two introduced over a period of roughly 7 days before the next two are introduced. They are usually 4* or 5* cards, and drop low level cards (1* - 3*), as well as the Event card itself upon defeat. The level of the infector increases by 1 with each subsequent victory. These infectors may become berserk during the period of the event, in which the Event Infector's Power and HP become significantly greater, thus dropping more valuable cards (3*-5*) upon their defeat.

Ranking Reward Cards

These exclusive cards are rewarded to players at the end of each event, depending on the number of event points gained by the end of the event period. The greater the number of event points, the higher a player will rank, thus giving them better rewards. Ranking highly also ensures the player will obtain the Flash version of the card, which is a little more powerful than the common version of the card. Flash cards can be identified by its shiny animation when the card is viewed in the card centre.

The ranking rewards are usually as follows:

  • Rank 1 - 10: 1x Flash version of Card, 4x Common version of Card, 4x Ultimate Sirius
  • Rank 11 - 26: 1x Flash version of Card, 3x Common version of Card, 3x Ultimate Sirius
  • Rank 27 - 57: 1x Flash version of Card, 2x Common version of Card, 2x Ultimate Sirius
  • Rank 58 - 88: 1x Flash version of Card, 1x Common version of Card, 1x Ultimate Sirius
  • Rank 89 - 149: 1x Flash version of Card, 1x Ultimate Sirius
  • Rank 150 - 300: 1x Common version of Card, 1x Ultimate Sirius
  • Ranks 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000: 1x Common version of Card, 1x Ultimate Sirius

Event Exclusive Drawing Cards

For each event, three cards exclusive to that event, two 5* cards and one 6* card, are made available for the duration of the event, and can be obtained through a Super Draw, Coupon Draw, Greater Draw, and most importantly, the Point Draw.

While the chances of obtaining these event exclusive cards through the other 3 methods are relatively low and only produce common versions of the card, drawing using Points guarantees that the player will receive one of the three event cards, which will be a Flash version.

Drawing using Points requires 200 points, 5 of which are awarded every time the player draws by Coupon, 10 of which are awarded every time the player draws by Greater Draw, and 110 of which are awarded whenever the player uses the Super Draw option.

Auto-Enhancing Reward Cards

As of 15 September 2014, Star Era introduced a new 'add on' event to the 'Moonlight Ritual' event called 'Roger & Kids'. This allowed players who had reached the very last Event Exploration zone to obtain a 6* card through exploring the 14th event zone. This card can only be levelled by auto-enhancing, which means that it can only be enhanced to its max level (100) during the period of the exploration event. Whether this type of reward is to be continued for future events is as of yet unknown.

Past Events

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