Dragonale College

Students of the Dragonale College have the ability to wield and control stardust, as well as enhance their weapons and armour with it, due to their genes, which have been modified by X substances. Many also have the ability to condense stardust inside their bodies and use it to enhance specific areas of the body to make them more powerful. Weapons enhanced by stardust are sharp enough to slice through X substances, making them extremely useful. However, most students new to the college will have difficulty in covering large areas in stardust; although they may improve the longer they study at the college. Over a long period of time, crystallisation will occur on areas covered in stardust, and while this is useful for their weapons and armour, it will have severe consequences on their health.

Students of the Dragonale College are required to wear a uniform, as well as covering any important parts of their body with metal armour to enhance their abilities.