Action Points, or AP, are a resource in Star Era. They are indicated by the blue bar on the player information widget in the upper left corner. Your maximum capacity for action points is determined by the AP character attribute. Action points regenerate at a rate of 1 point per 3 minutes, or 20 points per hour. Action points can also be regenerated through the use of daily renewal attempts and Greater AP Potions, which will restore all of your AP, and Lesser AP Potions, which will restore half of your AP. Placing attribute points into the AP statistic will also give you one AP per point. A Greater AP Reset Potion may be used in this way to restore AP, in an extremely inefficient fashion.

Exploration Edit

Action points are used to explore different areas in Star Era. Exploring an area will cost between one and six AP per 'step', with each area requiring between three and twenty steps to be considered complete. Each step in an exploration area will provide three times its AP cost in experience, and a variable amount of gold. In addition, each step might trigger one of these events:

  • Infector encounter. If the player already has an active Infector, no additional event will be triggered
  • Friend request
  • Draw a card from the area's card pool.
  • Regenerate AP equal to the AP cost. Rarely, this will regenerate 5*AP cost.
  • Regenerate Energy equal to 1.5*AP cost (rounded up). Rarely, this will regenerate 7.5*AP cost
  • Lesser Energy Potion
  • Extra experience. Total = 10*AP cost.
  • If you are in an Event area, Event points.

Areas Edit

Areas are divided into three subcategories. Event areas allow the opportunity to gain event points during exploration. Daily zones can provide additional coins, experience, or energy regeneration depending on the day. Story areas have better than average card pools, allowing access to 3-star cards and up to 4 card choices per zone.

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